A little bit of History

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Kizomba? Semba? This dance of Angolan origin whose word itself means festival in “Kimbundu”! Its root comes from Semba, also of Angolan origin. This dance is quickly spread in the Lusophone countries and then in the European Regions┬áto spread later in the world. The Kizomba is characterized by its languorous movements and its closed position. The upper body is nonetheless flexible, while the lower body is much more energetic. As a general rule, the space in which the couple moves is reduced to its strict minimum and the movements are elaborated. In contrast, the Semba dance, corresponding to the faster Semba music, is characterized by quicker movements in a more festive style. It should be noted that the Kizomba and the Semba share the same bases, although it should be considered that the Kizomba is a simplified version of Semba.