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We are driven by the same passion that brought us on this adventure! We strive to bring out and polish the dance skills locked in our students and develop the talents of those who already have opened their heart to Kizomba and Semba! So what are you waiting for? Jump on the dance floor now!!!

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To expand the names of Kizomba and Semba and to share our passion with others! We've made it an objective to make sure everyone can have fun dancing!

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We have different classes during the week! You can see the progam on our planning here


Most of our classes are held at the Universal Dance Studio
Check the concerned course for more informations


Fun and casual and for all ages! All you need is you and the will to have some fun dancing!!!

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Kisemba TV
(fun & Laughter)

We are the first Kizomba school to ever launch a web TV in Canada! The objective is to share all the fun and laughter we have when dancing with the world!!! See for yourself! 😀

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I used to not dance at all until I decided to do something about it! So I started taking Kizomba classes as long as Salsa and Bachata! after a few months, I realized that dancing had changed something in me! The part of me that was too focused on problems instead of enjoying the current moment! What would dancing do to you? I’m looking forward to see that! 🙂


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